Hey friends!
This is the playlist that Mitch used for his SXSW solo show. Apparently he’s too hip for his own good and some of the things weren’t available on Spotify so the tracks by Le1f, BadBadNotGood, and empire! empire! have been replaced with songs that ARE available on Spotify. If you want to know the names of the songs that aired, just shoot us a message.

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Holla! This is the playlist the SXSW used for their group SXSW wrap-up friday night. A few of the songs were replaced because of Spotify availability but all the artists are the same. Check it out!

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Hey Guys! Our Music Director Elle made a Spring/Benefication mix from the KCOU rotation library. If you got a hard copy this is the track list or you can simply check it out here!

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Hey Everyone! This is the playlist Elle used during her 30 minute personal Post-SXSW recap/highlight show on Monday night if you missed it or want to listen again! FYI: She played “The Wire” from HAIM’s Daytrotter session, which isn’t on Spotify so was replaced.

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Happy late St. Patty’s from ECH in Austin. #SXSW was over but we still got to see Jakob Dylan. - NDH (at La Quinta Inn & Suites Austin Airport)

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We brought the weird back to the Midwest with us. Check you later #SXSW -ECH, NDH, MAS, MB (at Granite City Food & Brewery)

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Darryl Hannah straight chillin’ during Trapper Schoepp and the Shades. #SXSW -ECH (at Freedmen’s)

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My #SXSW buds Trapper Schoepp and The Shades covering The Band’s “The Weight” with Jakob Dylan. - ECH (at Freedmen’s)

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DEATHGRIPZ @ Warehouse 1100 3/16

I’m glad I brought earplugs.

Score: 10/10



Classic oil plate projections featured heavily during incredible sets by #UFOClub, #NightBeats, #Zombies & #APlaceToBuryStrangers -MB #SXSW (at Brazos Hall)

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